The Earth, Laid Bare

by Radere



My second release for basic_sounds.

From the label:

Recently relocating to Boulder, CO from Philadelphia, Radere (aka Carl Ritger) usually builds dense textural ambient drone soundscapes from heavily filtered guitar loops, utilizing an ever-evolving array of pedals. However, his latest basic_sounds release, 'The Earth, Laid Bare,' showcases a softer and gentler approach for Radere, eschewing the squalls of distortion and white noise that have defined his recent style.

Recorded during a flurry of travel over the past year, Radere found time on planes and in various hotel rooms to manipulate a set of guitar loops he found on his laptop, fraying the original sound source until it began to chime, loop, crackle and ring, creating a delicate dreamscape to blunt his disorientation. Blissfully drifting across the stereo field, 'The Earth, Laid Bare' is a long-format 34-minute composition that bathes the listener in a nostalgic warmth -- another gorgeous addition to the basic_sounds catalogue.

The Earth, Laid Bare is the second Radere release for basic_sounds, and follows the success of his recent appearance on FutureSequence, 'I'll Make You Quiet.' Radere's works have also appeared on Rural Colours, Moodgadget and Full Spectrum Records, among others.


released March 1, 2012

All sounds recorded, processed and mixed by Carl Ritger / Radere
Mastered by Andrew Weathers



all rights reserved


Radere Denver, Colorado

Radere is the alias of Carl Ritger. His work primarily explores the shadowy gulf that exists between drone and noise, blurring electronics and location recordings into densely textured sonic monoliths.

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